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When you are simply looking for the most complete treadmill for the most attractive price, the Slazenger Track Motion might be the device you are looking for. This treadmill combines unknown possibilities, a very high quality and economize your money.

Track Motion is supplied with a powerful engine of 2.5 HP. This engine can reach a speed of 14 km/h. Therefore you can profit directly from a treadmill that is reliable and play a minimum of noise.

If you want to adjust the speed while running you may use the speed buttons on the handrails that are very comfortable.

Slazenger Track Motion is supplied with a tread with the measurements: 40x120cm. The angle is adjustable in 2 levels.

It has got installed training programs and those where load is regulated by pulse.

For better protection of your joints, there is used a special deck suspension system.

Product code: STRACKMOTION
Usage: Intensive sport
Colour: Metal
Max user weight (kg): 130
Frame: Steel of high quality
Power source: 220 V AC
Transport wheels: Yes
Number of programmes: 5
Number of user’s programmes: No
Number of HRC programmes: 1, speed auto adjusted according to user’s set heart rate
Digital screen: Yes
Speed display: Yes
Distance display: Yes
Calorie display: Yes
Time display: Yes
Pulse display: Yes
Heart rate measurement: Yes
Bearings: Industrial
Engine (HP): 2.5, silent operation, direct current
Speed (km/h): 0.5-14
Incline: 2 different manual adjustments
Distance (km) program: 0,00-9,99
Belt measurement (cm): 40 x 120
Safety key: Yes
“Quick speed” function: Yes, 4 speed buttons
Trainer size (cm): 150 x 68 x 125
Trainer weight (kg): 50
Guarantee: 12 months
Manufacturer: Joy Sport Fitness-Import B.V., the Netherlands
Package size (cm): 165 x 74 x 26
Package weight (kg): 58

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